Basic course

3,050 JPY


Business class



Writing class


Supporting for the research projects etc. in the graduate schools.

¥4,600 Japanese yen per 60 minutes


Tuition fee

No. Prepaid # of Lessons Net Tuition > with discounts if applicable Expiration Period Discount rate
10 30,500JPY 3months  
20 61,000JPY 5months  
20 61,000 > 59,170JPY 3months 3%
30 91,500 > 88,755JPY 8months 3%
30 91,500 > 87,840JPY 4months 4%
40 122,000 > 117,120JPY 10months 4%
40 122,000 > 115,900JPY 5months 5%
50 152,500 > 144,875JPY 12months 5%
50 152,500 > 143,350JPY 6months 6%

For new members only

No. Prepaid # of Lessons Net Tuition > with 5 % discounts where applicable Expiration Period
①W 10 30,500 > 28,975JPY 3months
②W 20 61,000 > 57,950JPY 5months
③W 20 59,170 > 57,950JPY 3months
④W 30 88,755 > 84,317JPY 8months
⑤W 30 87,840 > 83,448JPY 4months
⑥W 40 117,120 > 111,264JPY 10months
⑦W 40 115,900 > 110,105JPY 5months
⑧W 50 144,875 > 137,631JPY 12months
⑨W 50 143,350 > 136,183JPY 6months
  • Please apply 10 lessons as 1 unit for the class.
    We are offering you a discount bases on the number of lessons.
  • Regarding the business class and the writing class, please feel free to contact us for a quotation as well as if you have any question regarding anything.
  • Students who have already paid and taken for the lessons in the past can apply less 10 lessons at one time for supplementary lessons purpose.
  • The discounts are depending on both the numbers of lessons and the expiration dates.
  • Valid period starts from the first day of the class.
  • Each of the student needs to have 2 – 3 lessons every week for ③ ⑤ ⑦ ⑨, ③ w ⑤ w ⑦ w ⑨w.
  • Discounts for more than 50 lessons are as the same as those for 50 lessons. (In case the expiration date can be extended)
  • There are different rates of the discounts offering for the tuitions which are shown for the item numbers ③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨ on the above list.

A new student can have a 5% discount on the tuition! Only for the new members.



  • Please fill in the customer registration form as well as please be sure to input the total number of the lessons you are going to take.
  • Please click the URL which is indicated in the email message, you shall see the payment menu is showing up on the display screen.
  • The payment will be completed if you could follow the instructions and enter the information of your credit card as requested kindly.
  • Please complete the payment at least 2 days before the date of first lesson of the class.

Thank you for following the rules.

If you wish to apply for more lessons to renewal the class after you have finished all the lessons which you had taken, we would issue and send you a new invoice.


Paying online with the credit cards which are shown below.

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