Common Questions (Q & A)


What shall we use for online learning?

We are using Skype. Please download from the official Skype website.

Click here to download Skype. (Skype’s URL)


What should we prepare for class?

Internet, personal computer (PC), web camera, microphone, writing tools.

We recommend you to find a place which Wi-Fi environment is stable for the device so that the lessons will not be interrupted.

We will advise you in case if you need the textbooks which can be purchased through the internet etc.


This is the first time for me to study Japanese.
Can I understand what the Japanese teacher is saying?

If you do not understand any word or sentence, the teacher will change the ways to explain it, for example, by using simple words, showing the pictures and photographs, and using gestures to explain it to you. 

Basically, all the lessons are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, students can concentrate on their lessons and will not miss any details.

There are also teachers who can speak English and Chinese here in case if you need any help.


Do we have homework?

We will ask you for reviewing and preparing for the studying for your own good though you do not have to do those works in case you are not able to do so.


Do the teachers change every time?

No. We do not change the teachers basically.  The same teacher is taking care of the same student’s lessons.

Since the teacher in charge of the class knows his/her native language and Japanese language skill’s level as well, so the teacher can find the best way for the student to proceed the studying. 

The student can go ahead to the next lesson and review the parts which he/she didn’t learn well in the last lesson at the same time.


Tell me the payment method

Please complete the payment of the tuition 2 days before the first lesson of the course starts.

Please check here for the payment of the tuition fees.  Click here

Paying online with the credit cards which are shown below.


What is the curriculums provided by Midori Japanese online school?

You only need to study what you need.

You can skip the lessons which you have learned before or what you are good at.


Do I need to buy the textbooks?

We are preparing the textbooks for you basically.

You can get your own textbooks which you need by yourself as well.


How many lessons do I need to take?

You can decide the lessons by yourself.

You can choose 10 classes as one unit which can help you to save money for unnecessary lessons.

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