All of the customers personal data will be strictly and carefully managed. In order to avoid any information leakage, intrusion or loss, Midori Japanese Online School will abide by the following regulations.


Midori Japanese Online School will strictly adhere with the corresponding regulations, and strive to protect all of the customer-related information.

2.Acquisition and use of personal information 

All personal data will be collected under legal circumstances.

All collected personal data will be used only for class purposes and will not be provided to third parties without the customer's authorization and confirmation.

The information of the customer registration is used for the following purposes.

(1) Preparation of plans for the studying/learning contents

(2) Provide lessons

(3) Regarding the common language used for the lessons (bridge languages) and the time differences

(4) Informing the dates of lessons

3.Prohibition of private contact with teacher(s) during out-of-class period

In order to prevent personal information from leaking, the school strictly prohibits personal contact with teachers in offline courses. At the end of all courses, our school will delete the Skype account and other contact methods. If a student wants to apply for a new course, the school will log in again to process it.

Midori Japanese Online School will not take any responsibility if any emergency or problems occur due to violations.

4.Request of personal information

If the client requests for the modification, disclosure, or suspension of the use of his personal data, the school will respond appropriately after confirming the identity of the client.

5. Adjustments to the Privacy Policy

We update the privacy policy as needed and disclose the detailed content on the Midori Japanese Online School webpage.

6. Inquiries on Privacy Policy

Please write and send a message to “Contact Us” on the Midori Japanese Online School regarding this issue. 

7. Statement denying or limiting responsibility

Midori Japanese Online School is not responsible for any personal data leak due to virus, or third-party intrusion, etc.

Updated on March 31st, 2021