Have you ever been wondering the realities of someone who can not speak Japanese fluently or write the Japanese articles well even though he/she has been studying Japanese for a long time?


Midori Online Japanese School can answer those questions for you due to:
♥The ways we are teaching international students are different.
♥Our Japanese tutors are well trained and most experienced.
♥We are the online school which is located in Japan

You will become to:
💛Be good at Japanese conversation.
💛Be able to understand Japanese heart and soul.
💛Have good communication skills with Japanese sense.

You shall fully utilize your Japanese language skills


I’m Midori Shoji. It’s my pleasure to introduce myself here. I’m a Japanese language teacher and the owner of Midori Japanese Language Online School.

I have been working as a document writer for about 15 years which have been interviewing more than 200 people and writing the reports and essays. And I have been teaching Japanese language for 10 years. I feel happy that I have been teaching more than 300 international students which makes me feel proud of using Japanese to introduce so many things to the world as well.

I always feel excited to know the different reasons of each person who wants to study Japanese. For example traveling to Japan, doing business with Japanese companies, or studying in the universities or graduate schools in Japan..... And of course, all of those need to be used Japanese. We would like to help all people who want to learn Japanese and would like to encourage all of you never giving up studying Japanese even though you would find there are so many special things such as On-yomi, Kun-yomi, Sentences without subjects, Honorifics(Polite form), Post positional particles, Reading between the lines(Speculate)in Japanese language. Those might make some international students feel discourage sometimes though we still want to say never give up!

We know it is a hard work to memorize a great numbers of Japanese vocabularies and phrases for taking the JLPT exam. But can you tell yourselves if you could use the whole words and phrases which you have learned in your diary life ? Or use them in your papers and essays in the right ways? We urge you to use all of the Japanese words and phrases you have learned exactly.

I know how to help you out using all of words and phrases which you have memorized thought trapped in your brains. The more different words and phrases you are using, the more advantages of Japanese with you.

You will see the results of your studies while you are traveling, doing the business, or studying in Japan definitely. All you need is stepping out the first one step. Come to join Midori Japanese Online School. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our school mottos are “be kind and hands-on.“

Once you encounter with some setbacks in your language study, it often ends up making this particular point as your weakness or even leads you to drop out. We proceed our class by making it easier to understand the points you take it as difficult, and carefully and thoughtfully repeating over the points you are struggling with.

To attain each student’s goal, we grasp and understand all students’ levels and assign the most suitable teachers to individuals. You always have the same teacher, so he/she tries to approach to your problems thoughtfully by seeing the points from different angles: “Why the student doesn’t get it?” “Which area of learning lacks in my student?”

Teachers are friendly and passionate

Midori, the head of this on-line school, gathered her friends who are professional teachers. They are highly qualified and seasoned teachers who are still actively teaching at Japanese language schools across Japan. They are very accountable and friendly, and love to teach Japanese to foreign students.

They always look for the better teaching method to make their classes more effective that leads them to hold exchange meetings to share thoughts and discussions among themselves. Teachers create new lesson plans every time which are unique to individual students. They see this 60-min slot as so precious that students can achieve their goals and will love Japanese more.

Our class is a 60-min private lesson

Our lesson is a 60-min-class, although it sometimes overruns when a class gets intensified. Generally, other on-line schools’ average lesson time is 45 min. This 15 min. difference makes a huge difference if it piles up. We can run the class in enrich fashion by having students share their updates to kick off the class or applying extra time on going over their weak areas etc.

Students study with their teachers 1-on-1 through Skype. In case of a group lesson, there are only few minutes teachers can spare for each person. Q&A time will also be limited. In our class, you can proceed to the next level at your own speed without being interrupted by others’ progress and by ensuring to digest all elements you have learnt.

We take pride in our strength at teaching essay and paper writing

Before becoming a Japanese teacher, our school head, Midori, had built her career as an advertisement and magazine article writer for a long period of time. Which means her long career as of today has always been something about “expressing in Japanese” and “writing.”

In teaching writing essay or paper, it is important to learn techniques like sentence pattern or writing method, but it is more important to draw out and organize various feelings in your heart. Our teachers are very good at having students go through this process and leading into constructing a set of writing in Japanese. Even if you have interesting content or excellent ideas, it is difficult until you get used to organizing your thoughts in your native language and changing them to Japanese. At our school, students can enjoy learning so that he/she will not develop negative feelings about writing essays.

Voice of students

The students of Midori Japanese Online School would like to share the experiences with you.



(Experience of studying Japanese)

Ren Taiwanese
Mikke Finnish
Huru Indian
Maria Moroccan
Ozkanjo Turk

Teacher's introductions

There are many experienced teachers (sensei) who have been teaching at different Japanese language schools for years working at Midori Japanese Online School.

Our teachers focus on teaching and helping each student carefully and gently in regards to their different language background and requirements.

Midori Sensei

I have worked at a publishing company for years. I was in charge of writing and editing articles, I have talked and cooperated with many foreign clients there, and, I have many foreign friends all over the world as well, so I started to be interested in teaching Japanese. I went back to the university to study for becoming a Japanese teacher after my child grew up. It was such a great experience for me to study again. Because I have been involved in writing for a long time, I'm in charge of the writing lessons for all the levels of classes at this school. I'm proud that I have been helping many foreigners who are studying abroad and in Japan with their theses, and essays for business as well. I'm also teaching the conversations and business manners which students should be aware of while doing business with Japanese people. You will never feel tired of studying Japanese and will improve your way of communication with Japanese people if you take my classes and work with me.

I'm half Taiwanese and half Japanese. I grew up in Taiwan and studied in the United States. I have worked at different trading companies in Japan. I can speak Chinese, English and Japanese. I have many experiences as being an international person. I can understand the questions you ask especially if you are from Taiwan or English-speaking areas/countries. I will help you if you would like to know "why?" in any cases of Japanese language. I will also support you if you ever feel discouraged about learning Japanese. People who are interested in studying Japanese need to remind themselves:
"What would you like to do after studying Japanese?"
"It is correct to do your best to study Japanese. And there is one more important thing as well, you need to be patient and happy while you are studying Japanese."
"And of course, never forget your dreams."


I have worked at a travel agency after graduating from college in Canada. The reason why I became a qualified Japanese language teacher was because the local people wanted to learn Japanese from me at that time. I remembered I felt happy and impressed to realize that the more I studied to be a Japanese teacher, the more interesting it became the Japanese language. Currently, I am teaching Japanese to foreigners at an international school in Japan as well. So far, I have been teaching Japanese language to people who came from more than 50 countries. I have notice people from different countries have different difficulties while they are leaning Japanese. I suppose my teaching experiences can help you.


I was teaching Japanese literature at a high school when I was young. And I have been teaching Japanese language for 20 years since then. I'm very interested in Japanese history and I found out that the roots of the languages are related with their history which made me feel excited. I love teaching Japanese to foreigners, and I always try to figure out how to explain to my students in an easy-to-understand way cheerfully.
"I used to study Japanese before though I neither can write nor can speak well…. What was wrong with me...?" I usually think there are many Japanese language students have the same questions and problems whenever I hear about them. I would like to support you, and help you have more confidence while you are studying with me.



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